UG-008 GPS/GSM Antenna

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  GPS Antenna GSM Antenna
Features High performance GPS patch antenna with state-of the-art low noise amplifier Proof antenna for 900/1800MHz(800/1900) cellular phone
Construction (diameter x H) 59.8 x 16mm 110mm, option available
Frequency 1575.42 MHz 900 to 1800MHz (800/1900)
Polarization PHCP (right hand circular polarization) vertical
Gain 27 dB typically 3dBi
Noise Figure 1.2 max. ---
Attenuation 20dB min. @ F0+/-50MHz ---
Bandwidth 10MHz 70 MHz for frequency of 890~960 MHz
180 MHz for frequency of 1710~1890 MHz
VSWR ≤ 1.5 ≤ 1.5
Impedance 50 ohm 50 ohm
Power Consumption 4.5 to 5.5VDC/28mA Power handling capacity: 40W
Cable & Connector 3m RG-174 with SMA Connector 3m RG-174 with FME Connector
Operating Temperature -35℃~+85℃ -35℃~+85℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~+95℃ -40℃~+95℃
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