1. Did you unplug the USB cable after you done the settings? YES

2. Did you use the same simcard of your telecom company provided to you? it must be same as the APN simcard company. YES

3. GPS signal seems no activated , pls put your GPS antenna to the right place ( near window ) or outside of window? YES

pls check as well.---- HOW TO CHECK WHETHER GPRS OPEN OR NOT

The attached file is the new version of configuration program, we take out the report times field for the SMS tracking command. Besides, you have to send the following three command to have unit working properly:

  • $gprstrk,0,0,0,0
  • $server1,[Your Mobile Phone Number],0,,
  • $smstrk,1,30,60,20
  • Note1: the first command switches off the GPRS tracking function.
  • Note2: the second command sets the mobile phone number for the GSM modem which is connected to server, and switch off the internet connection.
  • Note3: the third command sets the SMS tracking parameters.

when unit left the factory, the password is empty, so user is able to send SMS command to unit from any number mobile phone.

Since all units left factory with empty password, user can send SMS command to unit without password.

For security reason, we strongly recommend to set the password for each unit, please set password with $userpw,[New password] command.

After password has been set, user is able to use any mobile phone to send command to unit with password.

Since vehicle could travel across to a different time zone, the data send to server should be GMT time; while the alert data sent to user could be a local time.
how it works if it is have this function
UBS-110 can display log in the Google Earth , Google Earth have the Geographical survey .

2. Are logged data protected by password? No.

(No Physical touching) No , the type of Bluetooth is used for low level application . So the performance is not good at data transmission
Yes , there is a option that can download the route to Google Earth
Yes, the pager is always connected whether the alarm is armed or disarmed. The only time the pager is not connected to the network is when there is no cellular coverage, in ‘Standby’ or the pager’s power is disconnected.
It indicates that there is no cellular coverage at your location and is a warning that text messages cannot be sent or received.
The pager nominally consumes 10mAmps and a battery in good fully charged condition is not affected under normal vehicle usage. Power consumption reduces to 5mAmps when in Standby.
No, the pager remembers the last setting, but it is recommended to re-send the initialising code to confirm the pager is functioning normally.
No, it is dedicated to send messages to just one mobile phone. You can select or change which phone receives the warning text messages.
Nothing, the pager ignores voice calls and all text messages not commencing with your password.

Not necessarily, but check with the SIM card supplier. Some cards have to be removed to be recharged.

Some card suppliers offer Auto-Pay which automatically re-charges the card when its value drops below a minimum value. (Check with your card supplier)

The pager will not send any messages - of any type.

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