About Us

USE LINK is a leader in manufacturing and assembly of wireless products ., TFT LCD module , touch panel , AD board , control panel , power driver ..Touch Display total solution . We have established technical excellence in production which is unsurpassed by our competition. We are committed to applying advanced production techniques and manufacturing practices that has enabled us to become the echelon within the market. We strive to maintain optimal levels of customer satisfaction through achieved greatness with regards of time, quality, and service.

Background of Use Link Group

  • Founded : 1997 , Use Link have strong wireless technology background , R&D and manufacture in Yang Mei,Taoyuan
  • 2000 invest in Thailand manufacture ,Kunnayao District.Bangkok ,antenna business mainly.
  • 2002 U TEK TECHNOLOGY founded , specialized in GPS ,DVR, Fleet management solution provider.
  • 2014 U TEK start to involve in IoT solution business supply LoRa antenna , Module ,Gateway , and all kind of antenna for Sigfox , Weightless –P IoT solution , module , Gateway , and application in smart LED lighting , monitoring anti -explosion for gas piping , smart city IOT solutions.

Company Philosophy

  • Innovation
  • Professional Design
  • Fast And Excellent Service
  • Persuit of Perfection
  • Quality Assurance

Company Competency

  • Hi-End Quality
  • R&D Team
  • Certification
  • Manufacturing & Maintanance
  • Vertical Integration
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