UG-200 Marine GPS Antenna

General Description

This text specifies the basic operation characteristics of the active GPS antenna model UG-200 under standard test condition of +5Vdc & 25/ 50% R.H.


UG-200 is the integration of a high performance GPS patch antenna and a state-of-the-art low noise amplifier into an extremely compact/fully waterproof enclosure. When connected to a GPS receiver with +5VDC antenna power, it provides excellent signal amplification and out-band filtering/rejection for that receiver. The UG-200 is designed both for marine masts and for tall buildings that require extra long cables (up to 200 feet) without any signal degradation.

Physical Construction
Construction Polycarbonate radome enclosure (top & bottom base with rubber O-ring in-between) Center feeds TNC connector for antenna output.
Dimensions 3.5” in diameter & 2.15” in height
Weight 149 grams (without cable)
Standard Mounting External flagpole type mast mount 1”-14 threaded mast.
Optional mounting 1. Cabin roof-mount with stainless steel base & shaft.
2. Rail side mount with stainless rod.
Cable & Connector
  • RF: 15~50 meters (UG-200).
  • Cable connectors are hermetically molded plastics for waterproof and stain relief.
  • Cable pulling strength: 12Kg for 5sec.
  • Connector available: BNC (standard), other types (optional)
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